Company Overview

Tabrizkar is one of the main manufacturer machinery for tree Nuts (Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, peanut, and other stone seeds ) with some unique specification in machinery in all around f the world.
 Since its establishing in 1980, Our main effort has inventing the machinery for shelling the Nuts and be a pioneer in this industry.
Manufacturing shelling line machinery with the highest efficiency in obtaining intact kernel and improving during these years, caused that to create a strong brand image both domestically and internationally. 
Besides shelling machinery, We are ready to support all of customers require for 
- Processing machinery for Nuts (shell and kernel) like Peeling, Slicing,
- Chopping, Dicing, Grinding, Milling, Powdering &etc..
- Hot air roaster line in tow methods 
- Winnowing line machinery for Grains and Cereals
- Professional Washer and hot air Dryer (Gas & Gasoil or Electrical) for
- Fruits, Raisin, Vegetable, Planets and etc...

We pride with your satisfaction and believe that your success is ours.


Our Philosphy


Our Mission

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