Almond De-Shelling Line Machinery

Dry shelling and separating/Shell removing the Almond continuously without any hand touch.

- Full mechanical mechanism and low maintenance cost

- Different capacity/h and models ALZ300(300 kg/h) , ALZ500(500 kg/h) , ALZ800(1000kg/h)

- Simplicity, reliability, Easy operation

- Specialized for Almond variety (Iranian Almond, Turk, US carmel/nonpareil & etc)


-Low noise and dust


-Installing, Testing, software and Maintenance Training for free


* Our experienced design team will work closely with you to customize your require layout/processing specifications

Almond De-Shelling Line Machinery

For dry Shelling of all kind of Almonds and Separating the kernel and shells without any hand touch

Almond De-Shelling Line Machinery

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